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Simon’s not strictly in the mood for ballroom, but Paddy & Nico have much more in store than first appearances suggest. Watch the energy-shift in this electric pairing’s performance.

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New Section: Sing!!

Start a new activity this term: THE SONG!!

amo_cantar_tarjeta-r7fa8e797dcbc4d2c9a058d0bea30e952_xvuat_8byvr_512I hope to learn much singing different musical styles.

curso de canto-773782I would like to do comments with your favorite songs.



New song to practice your English.

Let’s start singing in groups and prepare different songs.

Our first song is the group Imagine DragonsDemons”.

Here are the lyrics video to practice the correct pronunciation and intonation.


And Finally you can sing  this karaoke


“How to read music” by Tim Hansen

Like an actor’s script, a sheet of music instructs a musician on what to play (the pitch) and when to play it (the rhythm). Sheet music may look complicated, but once you’ve gotten the hang of a few simple elements like notes, bars and clefs, you’re ready to rock. Tim Hansen hits the instrumental basics you need to read music.