Using your mobile phone to Compose

It was the first time we have used mobiles phone  in class and think we will continue with more Apps.

We have been working with two programas.Android:Music composition and Apple: iwritemusic-free.

With these applications we have learned how to  write basic melodies with and without chords, using various alterations, beats, rhythms

At the same time we heard what we were writing at the time to listen alone or show it to classmates.

Finally we had several options, save scores created, export as images or as midi.

It has been a fantastic experience for me and for the students because we have learned and shared together.

Here you have a video with images of this new experience.

Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.Game

Este recurso sobre la gran obra de Benjamin Britten “Youg Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” es estupendo para los centros bilingües porque está en inglés. Tiene audiciones, explicaciones, juegos y diversas sabes inglés te resultarán muy interesantes y educativas.




Oral Exposiones on families of instruments(2nd ESOA/B).

Here is leave a video on your presentations after studying the different families of instruments.

We enjoyed three fantastic days seeing and hearing what you have learned and prepared

Thank you all for your work.
I am very proud of you all.

Concierto en casa de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Berlín.

 La Orquesta Filarmónica de Berlin nos ofrece una gran oportunidad: nos trae el concierto a casa a través de Internet.

 Aunque no todos los contenidos son gratuitos, hay posibilidad de escuchar y ver conciertos gratis. Lo llaman Digital Concert Hall.

Se pueden ver algunos conciertos en directo y otros grabados.

  ¡No desaprovechéis esta maravillosa oportunidad!
Podéis pinchar en el siguiente enlace y empezar a disfrutar del concierto.