Los instrumentos musicales

Oral Exposiones on families of instruments(2nd ESOA/B).

Here is leave a video on your presentations after studying the different families of instruments. We enjoyed three fantastic days seeing and hearing what you have learned and prepared Thank you all for your work. I am very proud of you all.

Games: New York Philharmonic.

Here you have this link with different games on the instruments and orchestra. It’s very funny and I hope you like it.

Prezi: Symphony Orchestra.

Finally the families of instruments we should organize within the symphonic orchestra so this presentation you will have enough information.

Electronic Instruments

Here I leave a Prezi with basic information from electronic instruments. Clic on image.

La banda de música

Philarmonia Orchestra: Instrument Guides

Dentro del canal de Youtube de Philarmonia Orchestra hay una sección muy interesante y educativa sobre los instrumentos musicales. Los integrantes de la orquesta cuentan cómo son sus instrumentos, las características, cómo se tocan, curiosidades, etc. Los vídeos están en inglés así que para las clases bilingües de música en inglés nos pueden resultar muy […]

How a recorder is made

Amazing… Just goes to show what an awesome instrument the recorder can be!


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