13-Year-Old Opera Singer Gets Golden Buzzer On ”America’s Got Talent”

When Laura Bretan took the stage, the judges didn’t expect much from the tiny 13-year-old. But she was about to unleash her undeniable God-given gift that left everyone in the room speechless. Laura is an opera singer, and a phenomenal one at that.

However, she was visibly nervous to audition for this season’s first round of “America’s Got Talent,” especially since it’s Simon Cowell’s first season as a judge. Yikes!


Michael Jackson vida, muerte y legado. Documental en TVE 2

Michael Jackson vida, muerte y legado.

Gran documental emitido por la 2 de TVE que nos acerca al Artista, a la Persona y al Ser Humanitario que fue Michael Jackson, desde la objetividad, el respeto y la admiracion; en el que se explica y aclara su trayectoria y las circunstancias que le toco vivir y que los medios tergiversaron a lo largo de los años.

Sin título

Sin título

His Appearance SHOCKED The Judges.. But His Singing Blew Them Away! WOW!

Freddie Combs, an American minister, delivered one of the most shocking performances in the history of “The X Factor.” The 500-pound man, who has already lost 400 pounds after nearly dying, was wheeled out onto the stage by his wife. His arrival was a shock at first, but he joked to the judges, “Give a fat boy a chance.” Once he started singing, the stunned audience immediately did just that.

His performance of “Wind Beneath My Wings,” which he dedicated to his wife, was heavenly and impressive. All the judges was shocked and amazed by his strong voice, adding that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Cuales son las habilidades de una persona con un oído absoluto:

  • Habilidad de identificar notas individuales
  • Capacidad para nombrar la tonalidad
  • Capacidad para reproducir una pieza en la tonalidad correcta días después de escucharla.
  • Identificar y nombrar los tonos y los acordes de una canción
  • Entonar a la perfección una nota que se le diga
  • Decir las notas de sonidos comunes del día a día, por ejemplo la nota de una moneda al caer al suelo, o de una ambulancia o del ruido que hace un aspirador sin tener referencia.

Aquí una demostración de esta tremenda habilidad:

Little Girl Sings Pop Song By Adele… And It’s So Phenomenal I Can’t Believe It’s Real…

Her parents knew about her talent when she gave an audition in a mall and left everyone wooed with her beautiful rendition of national anthem. This video shows Olivia performing a remarkable cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”. The depth, control and flow her voice carries is absolutely magnificent.

Bullied Kid Leaves Judges Completely Stunned!

Jack Higgins is 14 years old and already life has thrown him some pretty heavy punches. The young teenager has dealt with relentless bullying for much of his life all because of how he has devoted much of his time. It’s Jack’s dream to become a professional dancer.

For some reason, his peers can’t seem to wrap their heads around this fact. They tell him dancing is for girls and that he should be playing football instead. It’s almost as if they fail to see that dancing requires the same athleticism, discipline, and devotion as football.

The bullied kid decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent in hopes of making his dreams come true. Jack performed a stunning, emotional ballet routine. But it wasn’t the performance that left the audience in tears. Jack broke down sharing his difficulties with bullying. While the kids at school may be sneering at home, the crowd gave him an empathetic standing ovation. Then Simon Cowell, known for his stoic demeanor and often heartless critiques, gave Jack a simple word of advice.

“You know the one thing bullies don’t like?” He says. “They don’t like it when you do well.”

Jack received a unanimous vote of “yes” from the judges.