Prezi sobre la Música en la Prehistoria,Grecia y Roma.

Os ayudará con los vídeos a descubrir instrumentos de la Antigüedad.



Buen comienzo ilustrado de la Hª de la Música.

Vídeo de La Historia de la Música en ilustraciones.

Música del Romanticismo en los dibujos animados.

Mucha música del Romanticismo aparece en episodios de dibujos animados que todos conocéis.

Aquí os dejo algunos ejemplos para que disfrutéis de la música y de las aventuras.

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Vídeos sobre tot el procés del funcionament de la Veu

Interessant recurs fet amb l’eina Popplet de la Veu i els diferents aparells que intervenen com el respiratori, el fonador i el ressonador.
Tot això il·lustrat amb diferents vídeos de cadascú d’aquests òrgans que intervenen en el procés vocal.

Bullied Kid Leaves Judges Completely Stunned!

Jack Higgins is 14 years old and already life has thrown him some pretty heavy punches. The young teenager has dealt with relentless bullying for much of his life all because of how he has devoted much of his time. It’s Jack’s dream to become a professional dancer.

For some reason, his peers can’t seem to wrap their heads around this fact. They tell him dancing is for girls and that he should be playing football instead. It’s almost as if they fail to see that dancing requires the same athleticism, discipline, and devotion as football.

The bullied kid decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent in hopes of making his dreams come true. Jack performed a stunning, emotional ballet routine. But it wasn’t the performance that left the audience in tears. Jack broke down sharing his difficulties with bullying. While the kids at school may be sneering at home, the crowd gave him an empathetic standing ovation. Then Simon Cowell, known for his stoic demeanor and often heartless critiques, gave Jack a simple word of advice.

“You know the one thing bullies don’t like?” He says. “They don’t like it when you do well.”

Jack received a unanimous vote of “yes” from the judges.